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Gathering water is a wonderful and rewarding experience for all ages, but sources should be tested often for safety.

When I became interested in collecting my own water, I quickly realized that our small springs are not being tested for safety by any official entity. As a health-conscious person with a masters-degree in hydrology and a laboratory background, I knew I had a unique opportunity to give back to the spring user community. 

Each visitor to this site has the potential to assist us in offering a water testing product that is far superior to the bland, cryptic results you’ll get from an ordinary analytical lab.

Our focus is on the water user, providing an easy to understand, color format- clearly explaining the test results and relevant details. 

To get Test Results for Hygeia, Parry or Rock Spring click below:

*To suggest a new testing location, please use the “Contact” link at the bottom of the home page, or post it on our Facebook page at “Springwatertest

I am a working professional in the field of pollutant quantification via analytical chemistry. Check here, or on the “About” page for my qualifications and a little background.

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