Gold-level membership details:

The model for our Gold-level service dictates that we reach a membership threshold before moving forward with the additional, complex (and often costly) testing.

Thanks for helping move the needle!

You’ll need to be logged in with your Gold credentials… get those here:

We are working to provide a “progress meter” to show advances toward the Gold membership goal; 10 votes for a designated spring. We will then choose the single, top-voted contaminant and move forward. With each EPA-recommended 6 mo. groundwater testing cycle (reaching the vote goal), another contaminant will be pursued for testing. At some locations, the founder of SWT may (as an analytical chemist and trained hydrologist) suggest a contaminant for follow-up testing, but our users will have the final say with their votes.


*User demand for elite-level testing is currently unknown. Should a spring fail to reach the membership quota within 6-8 months, SWT will contact you via email with a status update and you will always be free to cancel your membership any time, without penalty.

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