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This very popular service removes the obstacles involved in getting current, accurate testing and you won’t find a better deal anywhere! (Go ahead and look, we’ll be right here waiting for you 🙂 )

**User contributions to this effort are split between lab testing costs and the fees needed to pay for web-hosting.**

We offer 2 secure payment options: a normal credit transaction or PayPal.

Check out a Test Results example  HERE

The 3 for 1, “Get Everything” option: Easy to read, full-color, spring PDF/posters at an unbeatable price click below!

  • Access to great safety information for the most popular springs in southern Wisconsin.
  • Optional survey- Request other pollutant tests and provide your feedback.
  • Safety data is presented alongside EPA and/or state recommendations for health, taste and usability.
  • User-friendly presentation of results- calibrated to a layperson’s baseline knowledge.
  • Color, geological profile maps illustrate each spring’s approximate zone of origin. 
  • “Snapshot” of groundwater traits at each site and easy to interpret recommendations from a pro.
  • You can also view the original, B&W file results from our top-tier laboratory.
  • Addresses for each spring and tips for your visit.
  • Check out ALL 3 of the most popular southern Wisconsin springs for a 1-time $20 fee!
  • 10-day access period.

Basic Data option-  Pick your spring on the “Join” page

  • Suitable for individuals who have experience with water testing or are already aware of chemical and geological parameters affecting water quality.
  • Data presented as a B&W PDF, as it arrives from SpringWaterTest’s top-tier laboratory.
  • Access one spring of your choosing for a 1-time $10 fee!
  • 10-day access period.

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